Creating Connections November 14th, 2019

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About Creating Connections

Hosted by the Career Development Centre, Creating Connections had its inception in 2006 as a forum for business professionals to connect with future Faculty of Business and Professional Studies graduates of Capilano University. The event enables business leaders to meet with some of the best and brightest future graduates and is also an excellent opportunity for these students to interact with potential employers.

Join us for this formal and fun networking reception to meet the talented graduating students of Capilano University.

What Attendees Had to Say

“The culture at Capilano University’s Career Services and School of Business is nurturing in the development of successful careers in the corporate culture. I met bright eyed students at Creating Connections; they asked intelligent questions and were keen to explore opportunities. Kudos to staff and the student body for an engaging event.” Yehudi Altman, President, TRIPS Marketing Ltd.  (Creating Connections 2016) 

“It was a great atmosphere, I felt welcomed the moment I walked in. Everyone was keen to network and the place was a buzz with conversations. The keynote speaker was a great touch to the evening as his talk was a personal story about his experience in business. I look forward to attending again next year.” Kyle Treleaven, GM Vancouver, BrainStation  (Creating Connections 2016)

 “I have attended this event for the last 3 years and have enjoyed the experience of connecting with students. I am impressed with the level of professionalism and some are truly outgoing. The students that approach me as a business are the ones that really shine and are memorable.” Vicki Magnison, Sales & Marketing Director, North Shore News  (Creating Connections 2016)

“I enjoyed the event and always found it to be a great opportunity to network with the stars of tomorrow, and provide them with practical advice etc. It’s great to see how far Cap has come since I attended in the late 90s. I look forward to next year’s event.” Scott Souter, The TLC Group  (Creating Connections 2016)

“It was my first time attending Creating Connections and it was a very worthwhile event. It is one of the more energetic networking events I have been to – and I’ve been to a lot! It was wonderful to see so many students and have an opportunity to meet and chat with a few of them regarding their aspirations. I was very impressed with their professionalism and courage which is a testament not only to them and their hard work, but also to their instructors and mentors at Capilano University who have prepared them well for their journey. The event was well planned and as an attendee from industry, it was very welcoming. Great job on the coloured ribbons! That made it easy to identify where people were from. All the best in your future events.” Colleen Keane, Internal Audit Specialist, CPA  (Creating Connections 2016)

“I had the pleasure of attending Creating Connections and experiencing the great turn out they had. The venue was very nice, the students were great, and the event was very well organized and put together. Sandman Media ( has benefited from the exceptional people Capilano has produced and found the quality of people here no different.” Sandeep Sull, President, Sandman Media Inc. (Creating Connections 2016)

“I met really inspiring and memorable individuals at the event.  Plus, having been surrounded by young, talented, well educated, intelligent and well groomed upcoming business leaders of tomorrow.” Marina Kaplun, Martec (Creating Connections 2015)

“Thank you for putting together such a fabulous event! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the students and was highly impressed by their due diligence in following up after the event. I’m sorry we did not have the chance to meet personally. I would love the opportunity to attend next year’s Creating Connections event.” Truzanne Claasen, Sales Talent Agency (Creating Connections 2015)
“Creating Connections has been a great experience for me. Each year I take so much away from the keynote speaker and I’ve always made meaningful connections which has been a vital part in achieving my goals.” – Zofia Rodriguez, BBA Student (Creating Connections 2014)

“I attend various career fairs and University events throughout the year and I was impressed with the caliber of the students I spoke with at your event.  I am already scheduled to meet with some of them to discuss career opportunities.” – Darin Calderwood, BBA Alumnus 1999 Freedom 55 Financial (Creating Connections 2014)

“The event was amazing as always! Thank you very much for the invitation, the keynote speaker was so inspirational and engaging.” – Tamara Oceguera, Davidson & Company, BBA Alumnus 2013 (Creating Connections 2014)

“We were really impressed by the effort that had gone into the event, and even more impressed with the excellent young people who are all in the process of planning their careers. Some really engaging, smart and enthusiastic people that are a credit to Capilano University.” – Jamie Scarborough, Co-Founder at Sales Talent Agency (Creating Connections 2013)

 “Creating Connections is a great way for Capilano Students to connect with potential job opportunities in their community.  This was my second year attending Creating Connections and I still found incredible value and relevance in what was offered.  This year, I walked away with four new business connections and some great new networking insight.  It really is a must attend for anyone in the business program, regardless of if they have a job lined up or not.” – Peter Spratt, BBA Alumnus 2013 (Creating Connections 2013)

“I had no idea what a positive impact Creating Connections would have on my life. I left the event with connections that have helped me beyond anything I could have imagined. Creating Connections was absolutely amazing and it is so important that events like this continue to happen.” – Daniel Dubois, BBA Student (Creating Connections 2013)

“It was truly inspiring for me to be there amongst our future leaders. I was so impressed with so many of these students….their confidence, intelligence and of course, their enthusiasm.” – Mike Boehm, Director, Business Development, KPMG (Creating Connections 2012)

“Each year I am more impressed with the caliber of students that are participating in these opportunities. I see a ‘change in the tide’ from the earlier notion of what “Gen X’s and Y’s” are all about. This year’s class is far more polished, prepared, and savvy about the world that they are entering into in their career paths.” – Elizabeth Bonner, Member Relations Manager, HRMA (Creating Connections 2012)

“The enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit is abound at Capilano University.” – Abi Tur, Vice-Chair, Recruitment Chair, CGA-BC, North Shore Chapter (Creating Connections 2012)